A Novel Instrument

The Sitarbass combines the curved frets of a sitar with the body and sound of an electric bass.

The curved frets allow for notes to be bent with control and expression.

Sitarbass Highlife Session

The Sitarbass Highlife Session features the sitarbass on classic Ghanaian highlife tracks. See all five videos on the sitarbass youtube channel. 

The Sitarbass design has been honed over several iterations. We are now ready to make them widely available. Reach out for inquires on stock and custom instruments.

The Instrument

The sitarbass has a slightly hollowed neck and is made from red cedar. Rail-type, 5 string Bartolini P/J pickups ensure consistent coverage while bending each of the four strings. The two coils of the p-bass style pickup are angled to match the curve of the frets. 

The Sitarbass is made by 6th generation sitarmakers in Miraj, India — famous worldwide for the construction of Indian Classical Instruments.