How It's Made

The Sitarmakers

The body of the instruments is made by 6th generation sitar makers Whid Sitarmaker and Kayyum Sitarmaker.

They operate out of their ancestral shop in Miraj, MH, India with their father Shahabuddin Sitarmaker.

The Sitarmakers also make sitars, tanpuras, surbahars, rudra veena and other stringed instruments. 

Miles Schelling grew up playing bass in Vermont. He studied sitar in New Delhi under the instruction of Shubhendra Roa in 2016. The idea of the sitarbass came from an inspiration to recreate the note bending found in Indian Classical Music while preserving the sound of an electric bass.

In 2018 Miles traveled to Miraj where he met the Sitarmaker family and proposed the idea to create a Sitarbass. Over many subsequent trips the design has been optimised.